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When people get a headache, one of the first places they go is straight to the medicine cabinet for a bottle of their favorite analgesic. That’s fine and good for the occasional ache and pain, but what about the more pervasive ones – like the recurring migraine. Sometimes the generic aspirin isn’t enough. There’s stronger stuff available, but are you really comfortable with constantly popping pills into your mouth. There are alternatives; ways that utilize and stimulate your body’s natural healing power.


Headaches are among the more common ailments brought on by stress, and one of the easiest to remedy through massage therapy or some of the other services offered by Sean’s Massage Center. Primary headaches are caused when over activity stresses sensitive areas of the brain; it’s easily treatable with massage therapy and other alternative treatments. Secondary headaches are often symptomatic of a more serious condition. A person with frequent headaches should consult a physician and ask if massage therapy is a feasible remedy.



Massage therapy


Sean’s Massage Center strives to make their clients feel comfortable with oil, a warmed massage table and soothing satellite music to create an atmosphere of relaxation. The ancient art of massage therapy has helped millions of people gain some relief from headaches and other maladies. Sean McGrath of Sean’s Massage Center has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1998. His intense studies in human anatomy, physical therapy, and alternative healing applications from around the globe in addition to his many years of (literally) hands-on experience have kept him serving the Columbus area for over 19 years.


Other headache treatments offered by Sean’s Massage Center



  • Acupuncture is an ancient method used and perfected by Chinese physicians which utilizes the body’s meridians at specific “acupoints” (pressure points) to treat a number of maladies. For headache remedy, this technique targets specific points that will help relieve tension and relax the pain-sensitive areas of the brain. Members of our staff are fully trained and licensed in the ancient science of acupuncture therapy. The cost starts as low as $25 per session for this highly specialized technique.
  • Reflexology techniques are effective in relieving stress-related ailments including headaches. Reflexology experts tell us that every part of your body is in some way “wired up” to the feet, so massaging certain “nerve zones” helps sooth headache pain.
  • Cupping technique produces warmth and thereby creates localized healing by stimulating blood flow. Today, it is believed to be effective against a variety of ailments, including headaches.


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