Treating Auto-Immune Disorders

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Suffering with an autoimmune disorder like multiple sclerosis or arthritis carries with it bouts of physical and emotional distress. Pain in the joints or other affected areas of the body is a common side effect of such conditions. Then there is stress and depression. Sean’s Massage Center can help. Sean McGrath offers a variety of methods to help ease the pain and calm the jumbled emotions. In some cases, massage therapy can strengthen the body’s immune system across many sessions.


Treating the pain related to autoimmune disorders


“Alternative” techniques of healing have been around for centuries and have been helpful in relieving and even healing countless people of many different maladies. Today massage and acupuncture therapies are known to successfully relieve an assortment of physical and emotional discomforts when administered by a professional.


Swedish massage therapy is one technique that can be used in treating pain and depression associated with autoimmune disorder. Long strokes apply light to medium pressure on the body which relieves stress and relaxes the muscles. Also form of therapy is effective in producing serotonin which relieves stress and depression. Reflexology may also be used to relieve the pain brought on by autoimmune disorders. Reflexologists say that every function in the human body is “wired up” to your feet and hands. Massaging selected “nerve zones” will relieve pain in other parts of the body.


Other effective treatments


  • The science of acupuncture has been used for more than two millennia by Eastern practitioners and has become an accepted form of therapy by Westerners as well. Sean’s Massage Center offers this ancient remediation technique to help autoimmune disorders. Acupuncture utilizes ultrathin needles which stimulate a person’s natural “acupoints.” When administered by a professional, this treatment will relax muscles, which lets blood flow more naturally, and pain subsides.
  • Another therapy technique is heated stone therapy which eases tensed muscles with warmed and oiled stones placed along the targeted areas. These are sometimes coordinated with cooler stones to manipulate the correct flow of blood through the affected areas. It has been found effective in relieving the pain of autoimmune disorders and a host of other ailments.


Sean McGrath, LMT, NMT


The people at Sean’s Massage Center surround their clients with an atmosphere of relaxation and calm with a heated massage table, Aveda oils, and soothing music. Sean is trained in a broad variety of techniques and his massage is part of the OSU health benefits. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has helped clients in the Columbus, Ohio area for over 19 years. He has two convenient locations to better serve the people in his region – Dublin/Upper Arlington and Pickerington.


Sean received his Massage Therapy License on January 16, 1998. After attending the Central Ohio School of Massage in Columbus, he completed a 670-hour series of courses in anatomy, physiology, and hygiene. He also has completed 200 training hours in Advanced Myofacial Therapy/ Deep Tissue/Trigger Point, Lastone Therapy and earned his certification as a Lastone Therapist.


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