Relief for Back Pain

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Chiropractors are a common relief for back pain. Most are very professional in their jobs when it comes to aligning your back and relieving pain. There are also creams you can buy off the shelf whenever that wrenching pain starts shooting up your spine. On the other hand, for your money, you could seek out someone who knows how to stimulate your body’s own natural healing power to assuage pain. Many people are turning to massage therapy and other alternative forms of medicine to alleviate their ailments with better than satisfactory results.

Back pain is one of more common ailments – alongside headaches and neck pain – and very easily remedied with a brisk massage or by another services given in Sean’s Massage Center. Back pain can have a number of causes such as stretched and strained muscles. When back pain plagues you, most doctors agree that massage therapy can be a feasible remedy.

Massage therapy Relief for Back Pain

Comfort is one of the aims at Sean’s Massage Center. Sean and his professional staff use a combination of Aveda oil, a warmed massage table, and relaxing music to encourage an ambience of calm. Sean of Sean’s Massage Center received his license for practicing massage therapy in 1998. His subsequent in-depth studies in, physical therapy, anatomy and alternative healing methods and his many years of experience have kept him serving the Columbus area for over 19 years. Massage therapy has a long history and has helped millions of people gain some relief from back pain and other ailments. Prices for express service start as low as $45.

Other back pain treatments offered by Sean’s Massage Center

  • Acupuncture was practiced and improved by Chinese physicians for centuries before it was introduced to the Western World. Practitioners of this science approach medicine with a holistic point of view, believing the whole body must “in balance” to be healthy. With knowledge of the body’s various pressure points (also called “acupoints”) the practitioner use these to help bring about that balance. For back pain remedy, this technique has a number of acupoints that can be used depending upon the specific area of the ailment. Sean’s staff members are practiced in this ancient therapeutic science. For this specialized procedure, the cost is as low as $25 session.
  • Reflexology techniques are effective in relieving a number of ailments including back pain. The feet are “wired up” to the rest of the body according to experts. So, by stimulating these zones, a professional in the technique can create positive changes in other parts of the body, including back pain.


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Sean’s Massage Center offers a variety of membership plans. The individual membership costs $19.00 per month and individual plus (maximum of 2 individuals) $29.00 per month. The family membership plan costs $39.00 per month for maximum family of 4. The business membership costs $99.00 per month for maximum of 20 people. We welcome new clients.