Do You Get Headaches? Here’s How Massage Can Help

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Headaches have various causes. Stress, not sleeping enough or in odd positions, and physical activity or lack thereof can contribute to headaches. All these lifestyle issues cause muscles to tense, impact blood flow, and can radiate pain into the head. The causes of these headaches and underlying issues can be relieved by massages.


Stress Relief

We all experience stress in a variety of forms in our world. Stress causes us to tense up and hold our bodies in unintended positions. This causes muscle and tension headaches. Massage professionals can help diagnose whether tension is the underlying cause of your headaches. A massage professional relieves pressure in muscles around the head and shoulders. This work helps to minimize the effects of our stressful lives. A massage professional will target areas that will relax tissues and muscles attached to the base of the neck. This relaxation eases the tension that can travel up into the head and eye area. These massage techniques can even help in alleviating migraine pain in certain cases.

Sleep Patterns

Not getting enough sleep can cause headaches. Insomnia is another stressor to the body. This tension relays the imbalance to the muscles in the head and eye area, again causing pain. Additionally, sleeping in bad positions can cause muscles to overcompensate and tense up. Relaxing these muscles, easing tensions, and overall reduction of muscle tightening can allow better sleep. Better sleep feeds the body, which is why eight hours of sleep is the medical recommendation for good health. Better sleep through massage helps improve stress levels, reduces reliance on medications, and can cause improved physical movements when awake.

Physical Activity

Another root cause of headaches is too much or too little physical activity. Again, muscles not moved enough can stiffen and feel locked in place. Athletes and others may also experience muscle tension, and this causes headaches as the pain moves up to the head. Ensuring that all muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders are loose, fully functioning, and used regularly is critical to minimizing headaches. Massage is a maintenance activity to keep well-used muscles loose and prevent more pain, like headaches, in the body. For individuals with limited movement due to health or other concerns, massage can help with muscle atrophy and ensure these do not contribute to headaches and other bodily health issues.

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Muscle health is critical to keeping headaches at bay. Thus, a massage by a professional can help diagnose and target issues contributing to headaches and restore balance in the body. It’s critical to make sure that they are targeting necessary areas through deep massage. Contact Sean’s Massage Center to find a professional you are comfortable with and who can help you live a headache-free existence.