Why a Membership to Sean’s Massage Center Saves You Money

Getting a massage can be a great once-in-a-while treat, but why limit yourself? When you buy a membership at Sean’s Massage Center, you’ll get a variety of benefits that go above and beyond paying by the visit. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at three reasons to become a member.

Membership Means Discounts on Regular Massages

The first benefit of becoming a member that we should highlight is the most obvious one. Members visit our center to get massages on a more frequent basis. With the purchase of a $21 monthly membership, you qualify for a lot of special rates. The main benefit is one-hour deep tissue or European massages for just $44. That’s $44 for a massage as many times as you want each month. Life is stressful enough without paying full price–imagine a weekly massage when you’re ready for it. With centers in Dublin/Upper Arlington, Pickerington, Clintonville, and West Columbus–finding a center that fits into your schedule is easy. 

Membership Is Your Gateway to Improved Health and Wellness

The second benefit of membership involves the many health benefits of massage. Receiving just one massage treatment has been shown to improve mood, encourage relaxation, and provide an overall reduction in pain. Receiving regular massage through a membership plan guarantees that you can extend those feelings indefinitely. More scientifically, regular massage has been shown to increase dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin production–these are the “feel good” chemicals that help fight depression and anxiety. This all leads to a happier, healthier you!

Members Enjoy Discounts on Other Services

The third benefit goes beyond traditional massage services. At Sean’s Massage Center, we offer a variety of other treatments. Our members enjoy discounted pricing and special promotions on targeted treatments, acupuncture, cupping, heated stone massage, and many more. Once you’ve begun to experience the rewards of membership, you’ll want to share the experience with friends, family, and business partners. The good news–Sean’s offers five different membership plans to fit the needs of everyone on your list.

Members Enjoy Relaxation Regularly–At Sean’s Massage Center

Now that you’ve seen a few reasons to buy a membership at Sean’s Massage Center, what are you waiting for? All of our members receive an excellent level of care. They receive the gift of savings and the peace of mind that comes with visiting a relaxing atmosphere for regular self-care. Ready to join our other satisfied members? Contact us today to learn more about the different tiers of membership that await you at Sean’s Massage Center!

Columbus Residents: Here are 5 Benefits of an Acupuncture Membership

One of the fantastic benefits we offer here at Sean’s Massage Center is a monthly membership package for acupuncture treatments.  A Monthly Community Acupuncture Membership is sold for $69.00 a month, and a $15 initiation fee. This membership includes 4 treatments a month, and $10 for each additional treatment. Sounds good, but your next thought might be, why does this make sense for me? Here are just a few outcomes to consider when weighing the benefits of an acupuncture membership.

Acupuncture Membership Cost Savings

If you already know the benefits of acupuncture, the cost savings for you might be most attractive. A traditional single pay session of acupuncture currently runs $25.  Thus, the acupuncture membership offers a savings of $31 a month which equates to a free session every month over per session rates. If you are new to this treatment, a single session won’t always provide optimum results. Several treatments at this reduced rate are good for your pocketbook and your overall health. By allowing a more patterned use of acupuncture, it will improve the benefits of this time-honored treatment.

Peace of Mind with Membership

You can budget this part of your health maintenance like a bill each month, and not have to worry about coming up with a payment each time you visit our center. This investment in your health over time will pay dividends in peace of mind, stress reduction, as well as other digestive and medical benefits. When you feel pain, stress, or other imbalances in your body, having this membership allows you a sense of calm. Simply pick up that phone to book a session and let us get you back to the best life possible.

Stress Relief

Stress is a real part of this crazy world in which we all live. Acupuncture minimizes stress and allows us to live our best life possible without headaches, fatigue, and other side effects stress can induce. Acupuncture membership allows four treatments each month as part of this healthy additive to your overall wellness regime. Keeping your stress minimized on a regular basis helps in contributing to better health. More productive restful sleep and your higher energy levels are side effects of reduced stress.

Memberships Make Fantastic Gifts

We all have those friends that are hard to shop for because they have everything.  Everyone benefit from some much-needed healthier lifestyle support.  For this reason, as acupuncture helps your stress and well-being, you will want to share it with others.  The ability to gift a friend, family member, or maybe a coworker with something that will impact their happiness and health is wonderful. Having such a positive impact on someone’s happiness is going to be a fantastic alternative. This gift of less stress and better health will be appreciated more than a coffee mug or some other gift would.

Part of Healthy Lifestyle

While we have already touched on this, it must be said again that this acupuncture membership is a piece of an overall healthy lifestyle. Regular participation in physical activities, eating right, and acupuncture or massage helps keep our bodies tuned. This optimum mind and body balance is probably the best benefit that this acupuncture membership can provide. Knowing that you can schedule regular tune-ups to treat a chronic concern keeps additional symptoms at bay. Maybe just keeping your entire body and mind balanced and at its prime is the goal.  This objective will be accentuated by all the other benefits mentioned above. Whatever the reason, this acupuncture membership as a holistic part of your fitness regime is the best benefit of all.