Top Reasons to Get a Massage

Massages offer plenty of benefits for patients, both mentally and physically. Even if you don’t have a physical need for a massage, it can benefit you in some other way. Massages are not always used for injuries or pain. Some benefits come from relieving stress, muscle pain, chronic pain and much more. If you are hesitant about trying massage therapy, here are some of the things it can heal.


Stress and Anxiety Relief

Taking an hour out of the day to relax and have time to yourself does wonders for the mind. When you come to Sean’s Massage Center, they have relaxing music playing during the massage to shut out all the outside noise. The smells of lavender and essential oils create aromatherapy. It’s a place to relax overall.


Chronic Pain

Lower back pain is a common source of chronic pain. Chronic pain in everyday life can make doing simple tasks very difficult and painful. Massage therapy can alleviate lower back pain as well as neck, shoulder, knee pain and many more areas of the body.


Reduces Headaches

Headaches can be caused by discomfort in the neck and jaw area. This can come from stress as well. Even with pain-relieving medicine, headaches can persist. Massages help reduce the tension in these muscles, overall decreasing headaches.


Improves Flexibility

Most people don’t realize that massage therapy can increase flexibility.  The range of flexibility is derived from muscles, so relaxing the muscles with massages benefits flexibility as well as blood flow. Even if you do not work out regularly, this can still benefit your muscles.


Helps Manage Depression

Massage therapy can help reduce depression, primarily when it is associated with pain.  A severe injury or chronic pain can lead to depression, and by managing the pain it can make a world of difference to a patient.


Improves Immunity

Research states that Swedish Massages increases the cell count that fights off diseases (increases oxygen in blood cells). It helps increase your immune system to fight off future illnesses.


Just a simple hour out of your day can bring you benefits in one way or another–from decreasing anxiety all the way to healing chronic lower back pain. If you are interested in these benefits, please contact Sean’s Massage Center to set up your appointment today.