What Can Glute Massages Do For You?

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When thinking about massage, people tend to focus on the back. Not considering a glute massage can be due to misinformation. Comprehending the benefit of this type of massage starts with understanding this critical muscle. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body. As such, it provides stability and interconnectivity for all movement and balance throughout the body. Glute massages ensure this critical muscle is working at the highest level possible. Ensuring glute muscles are loose and well-conditioned decreases pain and improves overall functionality.

Alleviate Lower Back Pain

You may be experiencing lower back pain after certain activities or extended periods of sitting. The logical response is to massage or stretch the back. The underlying concern can lie in the glute muscles that are tight or not firing, causing pain to radiate. Critical muscles and tissues from the vertebrae and the pelvis cross into this region of the body. One of these is the sciatic nerve, which can be impacted by a tightness causing back pain. A shooting pain that radiates into the lower back or down the legs can be an indicator of distress in this nerve. Massaging the glutes enables strengthening and stretching, which improves the pain and corrects the issue.

Improve Fitness Performance

Athletes who run, squat, or walk all know about called the iliotibial band (IT). This thick group of fibers connects from thigh to knee, and down to shinbones. Leg and hip pains experienced during exercise are often due to tightening in this band. This band also attaches to the hips and can impact overall flexibility throughout the entire lower body.  With a glute massage, you can help loosen these muscles and rebalance all critical muscles needed for proper movement.

Reduce Discomfort Caused by Pregnancy

As hips are displaced during a normal pregnancy, glutes can be pushed into new and uncomfortable positions. Added stress in the pelvic area can cause sciatic nerve concerns, which glute massaging can relieve. Additionally, one of the other concerns is that heat on the lower back in pregnancy is not always advised. In the first trimester, added heat or massaging is not recommended. As body changes continue to cause discomfort, a glute massage is a good alternative. Due to this concern, having a glute massage can help the impacted muscle groups.

Reduce Risk of Injury

The tightening of muscles causing pain forces a person to adjust by using other muscle groups. For example, someone’s left hip is feeling sore. Individuals limp or put pressure on the other leg to alleviate pain. This causes muscles to work differently and can cause new injuries. Muscles being unable to do their primary job causes delegation of these movements to other muscles. As a result, this can cause more injuries and stresses in the muscle and nervous system. A glute massage stretches these muscles to help them resume their normal functions.

Improve Daily Activity

When in pain, individuals tend to limit movements and daily activity. This is true when a leg muscle, back, or hip hurts as no movement will often decrease said pain. Inactivity doesn’t fix the issue, though; it just temporarily eases it. The underlying muscles, nerve, or pain-causing imbalance remains. Stretching and toning muscles through massage can mean better daily activity through better muscle health. Glute massaging as a preventative measure to keep muscles healthy is advised.  Muscles firing all cylinders increase daily activity. This massage also lessens the likelihood of injury and enjoyment of daily life.

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Do You Get Headaches? Here’s How Massage Can Help

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Headaches have various causes. Stress, not sleeping enough or in odd positions, and physical activity or lack thereof can contribute to headaches. All these lifestyle issues cause muscles to tense, impact blood flow, and can radiate pain into the head. The causes of these headaches and underlying issues can be relieved by massages.


Stress Relief

We all experience stress in a variety of forms in our world. Stress causes us to tense up and hold our bodies in unintended positions. This causes muscle and tension headaches. Massage professionals can help diagnose whether tension is the underlying cause of your headaches. A massage professional relieves pressure in muscles around the head and shoulders. This work helps to minimize the effects of our stressful lives. A massage professional will target areas that will relax tissues and muscles attached to the base of the neck. This relaxation eases the tension that can travel up into the head and eye area. These massage techniques can even help in alleviating migraine pain in certain cases.

Sleep Patterns

Not getting enough sleep can cause headaches. Insomnia is another stressor to the body. This tension relays the imbalance to the muscles in the head and eye area, again causing pain. Additionally, sleeping in bad positions can cause muscles to overcompensate and tense up. Relaxing these muscles, easing tensions, and overall reduction of muscle tightening can allow better sleep. Better sleep feeds the body, which is why eight hours of sleep is the medical recommendation for good health. Better sleep through massage helps improve stress levels, reduces reliance on medications, and can cause improved physical movements when awake.

Physical Activity

Another root cause of headaches is too much or too little physical activity. Again, muscles not moved enough can stiffen and feel locked in place. Athletes and others may also experience muscle tension, and this causes headaches as the pain moves up to the head. Ensuring that all muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders are loose, fully functioning, and used regularly is critical to minimizing headaches. Massage is a maintenance activity to keep well-used muscles loose and prevent more pain, like headaches, in the body. For individuals with limited movement due to health or other concerns, massage can help with muscle atrophy and ensure these do not contribute to headaches and other bodily health issues.

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Muscle health is critical to keeping headaches at bay. Thus, a massage by a professional can help diagnose and target issues contributing to headaches and restore balance in the body. It’s critical to make sure that they are targeting necessary areas through deep massage. Contact Sean’s Massage Center to find a professional you are comfortable with and who can help you live a headache-free existence.


4 Conditions We Can Treat with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medicine style practiced by licensed acupuncturists to treat a wide array of conditions. It may seem daunting if you have a fear of needles, but the perks of healing with acupuncture are marvelous. To settle any confusion about whether an acupuncturist can aid you, here are four conditions treatable by acupuncturists.

Chronic Pain

The most common problem acupuncturists deal with is chronic pain. It does not matter where you hurt or why; acupuncturists can help to relieve your discomfort like it has for many others. Don’t go another day with unnecessary or disabling pain; try out an acupuncturist and see if it works for your pain.

Chronic Stress

Stress can build up faster than any other construction in progress. It is hard to manage and sometimes crippling. Severe stress poses a risk to your health, as many studies over the years have claimed. Acupuncture is an excellent method of handling the persistent pressure that stress induces. Instead of dealing with the horrible side effects of stress or even medication for it, try acupuncture.


Headaches and migraines can bring a screeching halt to the productivity of your day, and pills don’t always do the trick. Try acupuncture, and you will find your headaches shrinking in numbers and severity. You can’t honestly be yourself during a migraine, so take your issues to the acupuncturist and see what works for you.


Arthritis is another painful condition that holds you back from accomplishing tasks in your usual fashion. Get back to your old self without those pesky meds and try acupuncture. It can accommodate your arthritis, resolving pain, and putting you back on track.


Don’t lose hope if you haven’t seen your circumstances above because acupuncturists heal so much more. From reducing pain to improving mood, eyesight, and blood flow, acupuncture is the ultimate healer. If you want to learn more or try out acupuncture yourself, click here. Sean’s Massage Center has professionals waiting to help you with whatever issues you may have using certified acupuncturists. They also offer a wide variety of spa and massage treatments, so check them out and book yours today.