What Can Glute Massages Do For You?

Photo by Sergio Pedemonte on Unsplash

When thinking about massage, people tend to focus on the back. Not considering a glute massage can be due to misinformation. Comprehending the benefit of this type of massage starts with understanding this critical muscle. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body. As such, it provides stability and interconnectivity for all movement and balance throughout the body. Glute massages ensure this critical muscle is working at the highest level possible. Ensuring glute muscles are loose and well-conditioned decreases pain and improves overall functionality.

Alleviate Lower Back Pain

You may be experiencing lower back pain after certain activities or extended periods of sitting. The logical response is to massage or stretch the back. The underlying concern can lie in the glute muscles that are tight or not firing, causing pain to radiate. Critical muscles and tissues from the vertebrae and the pelvis cross into this region of the body. One of these is the sciatic nerve, which can be impacted by a tightness causing back pain. A shooting pain that radiates into the lower back or down the legs can be an indicator of distress in this nerve. Massaging the glutes enables strengthening and stretching, which improves the pain and corrects the issue.

Improve Fitness Performance

Athletes who run, squat, or walk all know about called the iliotibial band (IT). This thick group of fibers connects from thigh to knee, and down to shinbones. Leg and hip pains experienced during exercise are often due to tightening in this band. This band also attaches to the hips and can impact overall flexibility throughout the entire lower body.  With a glute massage, you can help loosen these muscles and rebalance all critical muscles needed for proper movement.

Reduce Discomfort Caused by Pregnancy

As hips are displaced during a normal pregnancy, glutes can be pushed into new and uncomfortable positions. Added stress in the pelvic area can cause sciatic nerve concerns, which glute massaging can relieve. Additionally, one of the other concerns is that heat on the lower back in pregnancy is not always advised. In the first trimester, added heat or massaging is not recommended. As body changes continue to cause discomfort, a glute massage is a good alternative. Due to this concern, having a glute massage can help the impacted muscle groups.

Reduce Risk of Injury

The tightening of muscles causing pain forces a person to adjust by using other muscle groups. For example, someone’s left hip is feeling sore. Individuals limp or put pressure on the other leg to alleviate pain. This causes muscles to work differently and can cause new injuries. Muscles being unable to do their primary job causes delegation of these movements to other muscles. As a result, this can cause more injuries and stresses in the muscle and nervous system. A glute massage stretches these muscles to help them resume their normal functions.

Improve Daily Activity

When in pain, individuals tend to limit movements and daily activity. This is true when a leg muscle, back, or hip hurts as no movement will often decrease said pain. Inactivity doesn’t fix the issue, though; it just temporarily eases it. The underlying muscles, nerve, or pain-causing imbalance remains. Stretching and toning muscles through massage can mean better daily activity through better muscle health. Glute massaging as a preventative measure to keep muscles healthy is advised.  Muscles firing all cylinders increase daily activity. This massage also lessens the likelihood of injury and enjoyment of daily life.

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