Everything You Need to Know about Glute Massages

This is probably going to sound a little bit strange, but you should be getting glute massages. Your glutes, your butt, your gluteus maximus – whatever you call it, it’s the largest muscle in your body and it deserves the same level of massage attention that other parts of your body receive. Let’s take a look at the top four reasons to make glute massages a part of your massage therapy routine.

Glute Massage Helps With Motion

Since your glutes play a huge role in the movement and stability of your body, a massage can help your body function at its top level. Working with a massage therapist to determine how best to help your body will enhance your ability to keep moving. As home of your largest muscle group, glute massages are a key to health.

Glute Massage Improves Daily Activity

As we’ve already discussed, your glutes are responsible for a lot of the ways that your body moves on a daily basis. When you move from a sitting to a standing position, your glutes make it happen. When your muscles are too tight, you will experience discomfort and weakness as you do what it takes to get through the day. If you’re feeling tightness, consult a massage therapist to see if your glutes are part of the problem.

Glute Massage Relieves Lower Back Pain

Tightness in your glutes can lead to an increase in lower back pain. One related condition is sciatica, which is caused by tightness in the glutes and the connected piriformis muscle. Pressure will grow on the sciatic nerve and cause shooting pains through the lower back. Glute massages work out the tension in your bottom and hips, leading to a reduction of sciatica.

Glute Massage Relieves Knee Pain

Since the glutes are a main component of movement, pain in one or both of your knees could signal issues with these muscles. Glute massage, along with regular exercise, can greatly reduce instances of chronic knee pain.

Ready to Schedule a Glute Massage?

Now that you’ve learned the key role that your glutes play in a pain-free life, there’s no need to put off a glute massage. Contact Sean’s Massage Center to find out how regular massage therapy can improve your life.