Reliving Back Pain with Massage Therapy

Alternative forms of medicine are quickly gaining grounds as a natural way of improving health and also to seek relief from common conditions such as back ache. Although there can be a number of health conditions that can cause back ache, the most common reasons are strained or stretched muscles.


The easiest way of dealing with pain for most people is through popping over-the-counter pain relievers. Although effective, pain killers can also lead to over dependence which can over a period of time reduce their effectiveness. Another danger of popping pills is that can over burden the liver and the kidneys. When your liver is under stress, it impacts your metabolic rate and it can lead to all kinds of other health conditions that arise from a poorly functioning liver.


There is however, an increasing awareness against the usage of allopathic medicine for some of the more common conditions that plague the human body. Alternative medicine is one such option. People are actively looking for more traditional or alternative forms of medicine which also includes chiropractic and message therapy.


Chiropractors are very much in demand as their expertise revolves around manual therapy which includes manipulation of the spine, joints and soft tissue. Athletes and those in professional sports in particular frequent chiropractors for relief from pain.



Massage Therapy in Pain Relief

Massage therapy is not new. It has been used as way of relieving all kinds of health conditions for centuries now and was popularly practiced in a number of ancient civilizations such as Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, and Chinese. Today however, massage therapy is actively used across the globe as an alternative form of medicine and is picking up in popularity.


Acupuncture and Reflexology are two of the most common forms of massage therapy. Chinese physicians can be largely credited with furthering the practice of acupuncture as way of improving balance. The basic concept being that for the body to be healthy, the life force, or ‘’qi’’ needs to be in balance. By stimulating specific pressure points spread across the human body, practitioners of acupuncture help in bringing about a balance. At Sean’s Massage Center, massage experts are trained in the knowledge of the body’s various pressure points (also called “acupoints”) which are used to help relieve common conditions such as back ache.


In Reflexology, which is also known as zone therapy, tension and other illness can be relieved by massaging what are known as reflex points. These points are spread across the feet, hands, and the head and are linked to different parts of the body. For relief from back pain, the practitioner applies pressure to reflex points on the feet as experts believe that different parts of the body are connected to reflex points on the feet. So stimulating these zone can actually help reduce and effectively eliminate back pain.


Although massage therapy is a highly effective and popular form of alternative medicine, care should be taken to approach only professionally licensed massage therapists. Anyone who is not trained in this massage therapy can do more harm than good.


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