Promote Overall Wellness during Pregnancy with Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a time of great joy for any woman. But it also places a lot of stress on the body and on the mind of a soon-to-be mother. The fetus is growing and your body needs to change and adapt at a rapid pace to keep up with the needs of the child inside you. In addition to a metabolic change, the body’s skeletal and muscular structure also undergoes a lot of changes. During pregnancy, most women will undergo the discomfort in the form of a stiff neck, headaches, backaches, leg cramps and edema (swelling).


While a woman, most women actually, go through these discomforts without complaining, a prenatal massage therapy can help the soon-to-be mom to cope better with all the pregnancy discomforts. You will love the feeling of getting pampered and cared for.


Reduce Stress and Anxiety


The feeling of anxiety and or feeling stressed are not uncommon during pregnancy. And for this reason, a prenatal massage can be the perfect solution as it helps in reducing stress and promotes overall wellness. Furthermore, the massage helps relieve the conditions associated with pregnancy mentioned earlier. Prenatal massage therapy works by reducing stress on weight-bearing joints and it also helps improving blood circulation. When your body and mind are relaxed, you are also able to sleep better which in turn can help in dealing with hormonal changes which often lead to mood swings.


Benefits of Prenatal Massage


Prenatal massage offers a number of benefits for pregnant women. And it is important to note that not all women undergo the exact same kind of degree of discomfort associated with pregnancy. But you can always discuss your specific concern or condition that you want relief from with the practitioner.


Here are some of the most common conditions that can be relieved through prenatal massage;


  • Massaging of the head, shoulders and neck can help relieve headaches while trigger point therapy can help with lowering the chances of migraines or tension headaches.
  • By improving blood circulation, muscle tension can be effectively relieved. Prenatal massage also helps improve the flow of lymphatic fluid so the body is better equipped to eliminate metabolic waste and toxins.
  • Backache, leg cramps, fatigue can be relieved through prenatal massage. Since pain killers are to be avoided mostly, unless your doctor gives permission, the best way to deal with the aches and pains you experience on a daily basis is through prenatal massage which helps in the release of serotonin (your body’s natural pain killer).
  • A good night’s sleep and sufficient rest are very important during pregnancy. Prenatal massage can help with both as serotonin, endorphin and dopamine are released during the massage provide allowing you to completely relax in mind, body, and spirit.


Prenatal Massage at Sean’s Massage Center


At Sean’s Massage Center, practitioners are trained to provide the most comfortable and relaxing conditions for all prenatal massage clients. Depending on how far alone you are with your pregnancy, your practitioner will go with different techniques of massage therapies that are best suited to your body.


To learn more about the benefits of prenatal massage and or to book an appointment, visit our prenatal massage page.