Who Should Get a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is performed by a professional and consists of a massage that uses deep stroke technique and applying firm pressure. These deep, firm strokes help break down scar tissue as well as muscle knots (these can cause tension). If you have chronic pain or stiffness, this massage could serve as a great benefit to pain relief. Although, if you have blood clots, this massage may not be for you. Blood clots can become dislodged. Not only are massages beneficial for decreasing pain, but they are also great for reducing stress. Massages are a great alternative healing method. Deep tissue massages are also beneficial to everyone, especially if you have any of the following issues.

Postural Problems

Deep tissue massagesrelax your overworked muscles that are the consequence of using bad posture. During the massage, it helps your back fall into a natural alignment that is healthy and creates a natural movement in the spine. A bad posture can also cause many more issues. Having a bad posture can put pain in your lower back, but it is also a difficult habit to break. With a massage, you get to sit back and relax.

Sprain Injuries

With sprain injuries such as a sprained ankle or wrist, a deep massage can help provide a faster recovery. The deep strokes and firm pressure can help blood flow, thus allowing more oxygen and reducing swelling.

Limited Mobility

Massages help increase blood flow, alleviate stress, stimulate blood flow, and can even increase mobility and flexibility. If you have limited mobility due to a previous injury or muscle issues, a deep tissue massage might bring you some of that mobility back.


Muscles can tighten during exercise, so it is always important to stretch. Having a massage once in a while can reduce the chances of a sprained muscle. Active people are more at risk for pulling something especially if they do not stretch. This is a great way to prevent injuries. Massages are also a great way to enhance your athletic performance.

Stress Relief

Massages are a way to reduce physical pain but also great for emotional release. During the massage, the atmosphere includes warm Aveda oils, relaxing music, and a feeling of peace. Giving yourself an hour of tranquility can do wonders for the mind.

Deep tissue massages have many benefits and can help a variety of injuries. If you think you have these issues, contact Sean’s Massage Center¬†for more information on deep tissue massages. During a deep tissue massage, make sure to communicate with the therapist if it feels painful.