Can a Massage Help Your Headaches?

Throbbing pain can lead you to wonder if a massage for headaches is worth it. The good news is that massage therapy can provide relief from headache pain and tension. Targeting pressure points in the head, neck, and shoulders is a great place to start. Sean’s Massage Center has several massage therapists that can work with you to reduce headache frequency. If you want more information on whether getting a massage for headaches is helpful, read on.

A Massage for Headaches Is Pain Relief

Research shows that getting massages can help reduce the number of headaches you experience. In one study, adults experiencing frequent tension headaches got massages at least twice per week for six months. Frequency of headaches decreased from about seven to two per week by the end of the study. Massage therapy also helped decrease the average duration of headaches experienced by the participants. The impact of massages on headache pain and frequency is often related to pressure point sensitivity of the patient.

Utilize the Pressure Points

 A massage for headaches needs to focus on pressure points. Pressure points are areas of the body that can produce significant physical results when stimulated. Sometimes, hitting a pressure point can cause a lot of pain. On the contrary, applying firm pressure to a pressure point can also cause significant relief – both in the immediate area and further along the body.  Common pressure points associated with headache pain are located above the nose in the “t-zone”, just below the scalp on the back of the head, and also in the “well” of your shoulder at the base of your neck.

Use an Experienced Massage Therapist

Ask for a massage therapist that has treated patients for headaches previously. Most customer service representatives can ask around and determine who might be best to perform your massage. Getting a massage for headaches from someone who has helped others may lead to quicker pain relief. It’s also a good idea to alert your massage therapist about your headaches before you start your massage to remind them. If your headaches have been extremely severe, you may need to see a medical doctor.

Sean’s Massage Center for Headache Relief

Sean’s Massage Center has been a trusted source of pain relief and relaxation for years. We are proud to serve Central Ohio and provide a quality experience.  Massage therapy is a great way to treat yourself. If you are looking for relief and want to try a massage for headaches, give us a call today.