Surprising Benefits of a Chocolate Raspberry Massage

Valentine’s Day might only come once a year, but the good news is that you can experience a chocolate raspberry massage anytime you want. Most people associate chocolate raspberry flavor with dessert, so think of this massage as being dessert for your skin. If you want to go the extra mile in treating yourself, then this is for you. Here are a few surprising benefits.

Maximize the Moisture

A chocolate raspberry massage uses cocoa butter-based lotion. Cocoa butter has many great benefits. Using cocoa butter in a massage helps moisturize the skin. Hydrating the skin is especially crucial during the colder winter weather. If you experience dry skin and have trouble with flaking or redness, you want the extra moisture from the cocoa butter. Better yet, by booking a chocolate raspberry massage you get a two-for-one deal: superb hydration while relaxing as your muscles are worked by our experienced therapists.

Chocolate Raspberry Massage for Antioxidants

The raspberry oil benefits might surprise you. This massage is high in antioxidants, thanks to the raspberry extract in the massage oil. Antioxidants are important for your skin because they preserve collagen. When you preserve collagen, your skin maintains its elasticity instead of sagging. This massage combo also includes elegiac acid, which also promotes firmer skin.

Enjoy the Healing Properties of a Chocolate Raspberry Massage

This massage is great for people with sun damage. Whether it’s a little or a lot, the healing properties work wonders on your skin. Over time, exposure to harmful UV rays can discolor skin and cause differences in pigmentation. The raspberry oil provides phytochemicals that restore youthful-looking skin, even after years of sun exposure.

Relax, Relax, Relax

If you are looking for a great gift, then give the gift of a chocolate raspberry massage. These massages go above and beyond! Not only does the massage provide multiple benefits for skin, but the oils and lotions also smell wonderful. Don’t forget the actual massage part, too. Our therapists will work with clients to determine where they may be holding tension. Our goal is to provide the ultimate relaxation.

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