How a Massage Can Provide Relief After a Car Accident

Pain is a primary reason that customers come to a massage center. Car accidents are a large reason for pain being treated. Car accidents can cause a lot of stress on the body’s muscles. In situations where the accident is at a high speed or a car gets hit at a forceful rate, it can cause whiplash (forceful back and forth movement in the neck). Whiplash can be very severe, as it can tear tendons or muscles in the neck and shoulder area. Untreated pain after a car accident can sometimes lead to chronic pain, so it is important to address any injuries as soon as possible. Sometimes after an accident, people can go into shock and ignore the pain. It is important to address this as soon as possible. Here are some ways massages can provide relief, post-car accident.


Reducing Overall Pain

an impact can lead to soreness in the body. Even if you don’t feel it is necessary, it is a good idea to get a massage after an accident. After an impact, muscles instinctively tighten, causing a lot of tension This can affect the range at which your muscles can move. Massages help relieve the stiffness and help the range-of-motion of muscles.


Increased Recovery Time

It can take weeks, and sometimes months or longer, to feel completely normal after an accident. Massages help the blood flow in the muscles, so this can lead to a speedy recovery. Depending on the severity of an accident, you might need to go to a massage therapist more frequently.


Mental Trauma

Car accidents can be very traumatic and stressful. After something so traumatic, it can lead to sleep deprivation and even depression. Massage therapy is a place to go that creates a relaxing environment, with music and smells, and is a perfect place to destress. This can help you unwind after a scary situation.


Whether for mental or physical reasons, it is always a great idea to consider getting a massage after a car accident. We also suggest seeing a doctor first and aligning treatment to your injuries. Insurance might even cover it. Check with your provider and see if this is something they offer. If you are interested in a massage for post-accident, please contact Sean’s Massage Center.