Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy

Besides the physical benefits of getting a massage, it also has plenty of mental health benefits. Self-care is extremely important, inside and out. Although it can be hard to make time for yourself, it should be a priority. Massages reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and much more. These are some great reasons to get a massage to help your mental health.


Decreases Stress

Taking an hour out of a busy work week can do wonders for the mind. Getting a massage allows you to create a space for quiet and relaxation. With all the outside noise, it can be hard to focus on yourself or focus on nothing at all. Massages help calm the mind. Creating a peaceful environment nourishes a state of meditation and relaxation. Not only does this help decrease stress, but it also decreases anxiety and depression. Getting a massage produces oxytocin, the “cuddle” hormone. This hormone can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.


Improves Sleep

The only thing worse than not sleeping is restless sleep. Many things can help you sleep, such as melatonin. Some of these things may help you sleep but it might be a restless sleep. Massages help circulate the blood flow and lower the heart rate, creating a restful sleep. Many people even fall asleep during a massage because they are so relaxed and the essential oils are so calming. By getting more quality sleep, this can result in more energy. Skip the coffee in the morning and schedule a massage.


Reduces Headaches

Tension can build up in the neck and shoulder area, which could be a source of headaches. Massages relax those muscles through applying pressure. Headaches can also be a result of stress or anxiety, which massages reduce as well.


Improves Concentration

As we know massages help blood flow, and with this they create more oxygen flow to the brain. This helps you deepen your focus. Again, this is a great alternative to caffeine for a more holistic approach.


Massages are a great to approach problems in a natural way. It can be great medicine or even preventative medicine. There are other alternatives to improving mental health, but this is an organic way that is safe for your body. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or would like more information, please contact Sean’s Massage Center.