What Is the Most Relaxing Massage and Why

Imagine walking into a peaceful massage center. You smell lavender essential oils, with the sound of the ocean in the background. A warm massage table awaits. You put your phone away and fall into a peaceful state of mind. Though most massages are relaxing, Swedish massages are one of the most relaxing massages.

What Is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massages are different from others such that long, kneading strokes are used. It is based on Western medicine and considered a type of holistic medicine. It is specifically designed to help blood flow and release endorphins, which gives a feeling of euphoria. This is the perfect massage if you have tightened muscles. It also features tapping on muscles and movement of the joints. Not only is this massage relaxing, but it is also rejuvenating. After a Swedish massage, you may feel like you are more energized.

Why Is It Different?

The biggest difference between a Swedish massage and a normal massage is the amount of pressure applied in the strokes. This pressure is used to help tensed muscles. This massage is a great way to increase blood flow with the pressure and joint movements. A deep tissue massage uses greater pressure, while the Swedish massage uses a little less pressure but more movement. It is similar to a deep massage, but deep massages are preferred for athletes or someone that might have muscle strains, since it can be very intense.

Why Do You Need One?

If you have stress or anxiety, this could be a great, natural relief for that. Instead of turning to medicine, this is a great organic healing technique. Sometimes it takes a few sessions to feel the effects, but it is worth the benefits in the long term.

This is a great massage if you need to de-stress or just need a break from the outside world. It has many physical as well as mental benefits. With its unique strokes, it is the most relaxing massage. If you have never had a massage before, this could be a good introduction to massages. If you are interested in getting a Swedish massage, please contact Sean’s Massage Center for more information.