How to Find the Best Couple’s Massage

So, you want to treat your partner to a couple’s massage, but you don’t know where to go. There are advertisements for spa and massage centers all around you, but which place has the best services? A couple’s massage can make or break your date, and it all comes down to choosing the right one. What you want is certified quality and professionalism; here is how to find it.

Ask Friends and Family

The most reliable feedback comes from close friends and family. Ask your peers if they’ve had a couple’s massage. If so, this is the best way to find out the nice places and places not to go. If not, it doesn’t have to be a couple’s massage that your friend has experienced. If you know anyone who gets therapy massages, acupuncture, or just relaxes in a professional center then see what else that center has to offer.

Check Online Ratings

Every great business has good reviews. Look for a place with stellar ratings, and leave nothing to chance. Never book a massage without checking the online reviews first, especially not a couple’s massage.

Be Certain the Masseuse Is Certified

Wherever you end up, the most important factor in choosing the right couple’s massage is knowing that the staff are not only well trained but certified with a degree and papers to prove it. There are a lot of posers and con artists in the world who think it is easy to give massages. That is inaccurate as it takes many years to become a certified professional. If you had a massage done by both an uncertified and then a certified masseuse, you would understand the depth of knowledge and technique acquired. Many certified establishments will happily show you their qualifications upon request, or in most cases have a degree on public display.

Try Out a Few

If you are truly in search of the best couple’s massage you shouldn’t settle for the first one you try. Branch out! Go to a few different places or try out other services at the same center. As long as the staff and office meet the circumstances above, there is a chance that a better and more relaxing time awaits you and your partner.


The best couple’s massage is not hard to find. If your friends and family have nothing for you, search online. Once you have found a place with certified staff and incredible ratings you can book the massage with no worries. Remember, to find the best couple’s massage, you have to try more than one.